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  • My server was installed with Windows 2003 Enterprise version and SQL2005 standard SP2, and 24GB memory.  I have configured /PAE on boot.ini and enabled AWE on SQL2005.  I set min memory to 8GB and max memory to 20GB using SQL command.

    However, i only see SQL server using not more than 4GB memory in the performance monitor.  How can I check if SQL20005 is using up to 20GB memory as I set.  Please advice.
    2009年4月22日 下午 01:20



  • Which perfmon counter did you look at?
    2009年4月23日 下午 01:52
  • Taskmgr.

    And I tried the SQL memory manager but so confused and not sure which counters should look for.  The usage is so low that I'm not sure is because SQL could not use as much memory as we put (beyond 4GB) or this is just because there is no heavy activities on our server.
    2009年4月24日 上午 03:01
  • You have to check in perfmon, couter is sqlserver:memeory manager - total server memory.
    2009年4月24日 下午 01:36

  • The total server memory is only 2GB but target server memory is 20GB.  Why's that?  Why SQLServer won't use other memory, i have used /PAE, enabled AWE, set the min/max memory to 8GB/20GB.  What else I need to do so SQL will use all the memory I set?

    I desparately need help.  Thanks.
    2009年4月25日 上午 04:12
  • What's total db size on the server? Does sql service account have 'lock pages in memory' user rights on the server? Can you apply sql2k5 sp3?

    2009年4月25日 下午 04:21
  • yes, i have applied sp3 already and follow the technote to set the lock pages rights for the service account.  the database size is not too big, around 800MB.  Any clue?  Why the database size will affect it? please advice.
    2009年4月26日 下午 12:40
  • That's why sql doesn't use 20gb memroy, only need 800mb to put all data in memory.
    • 已標示為解答 KeFang Chen 2009年4月28日 上午 09:32
    2009年4月27日 上午 01:57