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  • server 2003 r2 sharing folder (shared folder) suddenly automatically disabled, the entire network for all rows windows server2003 r2's are automatically disabled, toward the folder by right-mouse is not a shared folder of a column, reboot there will be a return to normal , may be stopped several times a day, and sometimes may be disabled Well (especially non-office hours), if you use linux the server are not affected, whether a place in the virus?? affect certain service it? ? have friends you can answer my question??

    server 2003 r2  sharing folder(共用資料夾)突然自動停用,整個network所有行windows server2003 r2的都會自動停用,向著folder按mouse右鍵是沒有了共用資料夾的一欄,reboot 便會出現,回復正常,一天內可能會停數次,有時又可能唔會停用(特別是非辦公時間),如果使用linux的server是不受影響的,是否有地方中了virus??影響到某些service嗎??有朋友可以解答我的問題??

    2010年5月29日 上午 12:45


  • Hi! bro,

    Try try to take a look in Windows Server's Service?

    Checked Service "Server", it is used to "透過網路為這台電腦提供檔案、列印、及具名管道的共用。如果停止這個服務,將無法使用這些功能。如果停用這個服務,所有依存於它的服務將無法啟動。"

    I think this service is disabled or some reason stopped, pls check the event log of Windows~~~

    I tried Windows Server 2008 RTM, not R2, 32bits~~~

    Seems that is OK and no such problem, lets see it is the problem of some software conflicts then make the service stopped~~~

    Hope that it can help u~~~


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    2010年5月31日 上午 03:52