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    Hi there!


    Our Exchange 2007 are running low of memory. I'm going to add more RAM, from 4GB to 6GB. However, I want to restrict Exchange's usage within 4GB and leave remaining RAM for others, say, backup program. Is there any way to configure the memory limit?

    2008年11月26日 上午 01:52


  • Dear customer:


    With Exchange 2007 and the 64-bit architecture, this limit on database cache size is no longer present, so the store process is no longer bound to that 900MB limit. Currently, the default minimum cache size for Exchange 2007 is 512MB (for machines with at least 2GB RAM), and there is no maximum value set, which means that ESE (store.exe) will grow the cache to consume almost all available RAM on the server IF there is no other memory pressure on the system. This much larger database cache size results in greatly reduced disk I/O, and is preferred anyways, as reading information from memory is much faster than reading information from disk. If memory pressure occurs, as when other applications request/require memory, ESE will appropriately shrink the size of the database cache.


    For example, if the server contains 16GB physical memory, if there is no other memory pressure, one could expect that the store.exe process will grow to use up to 14GB memory (16GB minus 2GB allocated to Kernel mode).


    This value can be manually adjusted by modifying the following attribute on the properties of the Information Store object, however it is not recommended to do so.




    How to modify the default database cache size:


    To modify msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax:


    1. Start ADSI Edit.

    2. Open the following object:

    Configuration/Services/Microsoft Exchange/Your organization/Administrative Groups/Your administrative group/Servers/Server name/Information Store

    3. Right click Information Store, and then click Properties.

    4. Under the list of Attributes, scroll down and select msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax.


    5. Click the Edit button, then type the number of 8 kilobyte (KB) pages that you want to set the maximum cache size to.


    For example, 1GB cache equates to 1048576 (1024 * 1024). Divide the cache that you want to set by 8kb to determine the value to enter. In this case, 1048576 divided by 8 is 131072.


    If you wanted to set the cache size to 16GB, the value would be 2097152 (16777216 divided by 8).


    Note: The msExchESEParamCacheSizeMax parameter controls the ESE buffer size. Its value is expressed as a page count, and must be set to an exact multiple of 8192 for maximum efficiency. If this value is not met, the cache size is rounded up to the next 32-MB boundary when virtual memory is allocated. If this value is incorrectly set, memory may be wasted.


    6. Quit ADSI Edit, and then restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.


    Hope it helps.


    Rock Wang - MSFT

    2008年11月26日 上午 06:23