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    Is that possible to recall the lastest work of the MS word and MS excel when accidentally PC being shut down without saving any works. Currently using MS 2003 Standard.




    2008年12月1日 上午 08:02


  • Hi Gilbert,

    I think you can recall the latest work from MS Word and MS Excel after the PC crash. If you have not disabled the AutoRecover  feature on Word/Excel.

    Tools-> Options
    Click on the "Save" tab and make sure the "Disable Auto Recover" is un-checked.

    hope the following URL can provide you more information.


    自動回復與 Excel 的多個例項

    如果 Excel 有多個例項正在執行,而其中一個例項意外關閉,則 Excel 會自動啟動新的例項,開啟「自動回復」檔案。如果所有的 Excel 例項都意外關閉,但電腦仍在執行,則 Excel 會啟動單一例項並開啟所有「自動回復」檔案。如果發生電源中斷的情況,當您再次啟動 Excel 時,所有回復的檔案都會開啟。>>

    You can also check if there any temporary file that on the same directory on the excel/word file that you was working on. and see if you can open them.

    Please correct me if my concept is wrong.

    Good luck.
    2008年12月1日 上午 08:44