Visual Studio 2002 and Internet Explorer 8 on xp sp3 -Unable to check for updates online, start page online not working RRS feed

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  • Hi! I just installed a new full retail box Enterprise Architech 2002 with Visual Source Safe..it is full retail and non academ and not a promo version..... ..I can not check for online updates  from help menu, and on the start page none of the online options such as Headlines, Online community, Downloads, XML Web Services, Web Hosting work .......It says I must be online (it doesnt work even when I am online)..but under the Whats New Section of the Start page I can go online.

         System:  Updates VS 2002 Sp1, Net Framework sp1, sp2,sp3. I am running xp home premium with sp3, sp2  all all other updates. xp sp 1 was not installed just xp sp2 and sp3.,,, This machine is an Athlon 3200  754 with 1.5 gb ram, sata 7200 , 128 mb Nvida, and running well !! Machine also has Microsoft Web Platform Installer, SQL 2008 Config mgr, Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 (installed prior to EnterpriseArch2002) I was unable to uninstall IE8 prior to xp sp3 because it might have damaged the 2008 sql and Express software and caused other unkown problems....IIS is not installed yet. Net frameworks installed 1, 1,1 ,2, 3, 3.5 all with sevice packs..
        What can I do? ...Is it a windows firewall permission that is needed?... Do I need to instal IE6 as an optional non default browser and let Visual Studio use it?.... Do I install older Opera or some other browser? ...Is it in an internet options problem? ...Is Visual Studio trying to connect to expired internet links...Do I put my install disc back in and let it check for updates as last part of install ( I did not do this as I wanted to do patches a few at a time to try to make it work since it is old.)...Since I have  xp sp3 installed I can not uninstall IE8..as far as I know..besides its better and more secure than IE6
     thanks for any insight.. Andy
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