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  • Background
    - Windows Server 2003 Enterprise running cluster
    - Exchange 2007 Enterprise SP1 (mailbox role only)
    - CCR with two nodes
    - The two nodes uses Sun StorageTek ST6140 SAN device for disk storage.
    - Both servers use dual-port fibre channel controllers running multi-path I/O.
    - Mailbox databases and logs are using disk volumes created in the same disk array group of ST6140.

    - Some volumes created on the ST6140 disk has problem and the whole array needs to be recreated. (This is Sun's problem.)
    - Unluckily, the disk volumes for both nodes are in the faulty array and this requires the deletion of disk drives used by mailbox and log.
    - Another loaned ST6140 is available for use.

    Do anybody know the proper procedures to do this task?

    Thanks in advance.



    Joseph Liu
    2009年5月8日 上午 01:53


  • Hi Joseph TK Liu,


    It seems that you need to contact hardware vendor to get more help.


    From the point of view of Exchange server 2007, you need to backup Exchange mailbox database before you delete them.


    For more information about how to backup and restore Exchange server 2007 database, please refer to the following article:

    Database Backup and Restore



    Rock Wang

    Rock Wang– MSFT
    2009年5月8日 上午 05:49