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  • 本人購買了tmg (isa2010),近日發現訊息 "Evaluation license for Web Protection will expire in 7 days. Upon expiration, updates will be disabled and the product will operate with reduced functionality. Please contact your sales representative to purchase Web Protection license."

    請問,我購買的是standard版本,何以還要再購買license? 如已過期,所有user會否無法再用tmg訪問互關網?

    2011年10月31日 上午 07:47


  • Hi,


    TMG’s “Web Protection” feature is not used by UAG, so you do not need to worry about it.


    If you want to get rid of the error messages, you can launch the TMG Management console, click onWeb Access Policy on the left tree-view, then in the middle pane, under Web Access Settings, click on Malware Inspection: Enabled. In the dialog that opens, un-check theEnable malware inspection option. Then, in the Definition Updates tab, set the update action to “No automatic action”.


    Hope this helps.

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    2011年10月31日 上午 09:23