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    有一部pc機 "A" 本身在5 個Device Cals 已用, 之後expire就唔用, 過在一段時間pc機 "A" 再想terminal service, 但是這段時間5 個Device Cals 已被其他client機佔用了, expire day 還有很長的時間, 但我想在5 個Device Cals 內的其中一部client機立即停用來給pc機 "A" terminal service, 如何做到



    2008年7月4日 上午 06:35


  • The Device Cals basically have no direct relationship with the connection. I think your problem is when someone using Terminal Services to connect and there have another one want to use a terminal services to this computer and the connection was full.


    To fix this problem. You can check how many users using terminal services to logon by terminal services manager. You can disconnect any computer from this console.


    2008年7月5日 下午 02:15