A problem with a sir (bidimensional matrix, enumeration) in SQL Server RRS feed

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    Hi everyone,


    I'm Florin G and I have a problem with an array of strings.

    So my problem is: I have an array of strings @Names = {'ALEX', 'JOHN', 'ANTHONY', 'JOKE', 'SANDY', 'SONY', 'XENYANG'}


    I want to select the second or the third items from this array.


    How to do this thing?


    SELECT @Names[3] AS Name - I don't know????????


    Please help me!







    2008年10月20日 上午 08:10


  • Hi Florin G,


    Could you please describe more on your scenario?  As far as I know, native T-SQL doesn't support array.  Are you integrating with CLR or multivalue parameters in Reporting Services?  Thanks.


    2008年10月20日 下午 01:44