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  • 當快install完時會見到以下一個message:


    Error message when you install SQL Server 2005: "The file C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\Meaningless_string\mscorlib.tlb could not be loaded"



    Article ID: 918685 有教點解決問題,我跟住做。做完之後是不是已解決問題?

    個error message有叫reinstall個program,但我唔知reinstall什麼。



    2008年4月25日 上午 09:56


  • This might occurs becasue of of the Mscorlib.tlb file is incorrectly interpreted during the Setup process. The Setup process might be the clean install, modify install, update service pack....etc


    You could follow the following KB to try to solve it,


    Reinstall the program, it related to .NET framework 2.0 and SQL 2005. You might try to reinstall it. Or even remove and clean install again.

    2008年4月25日 上午 10:39