windows 2008 hyper-v. how to get the virtual machine to connect to internet? does my server need 2 NIC? RRS feed

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  • i have windows 2008 standard installed on a thinkserver ts-100. the virtual machine created by hyper-v can run an individual operating system, however, i noticed the following.
    you can only have one copy of virtual machine reading the cdrom drive. if the drive is used by one session, you must shut it down for the other one to grab control over the cdrom drive. is that by design?
    i wish the guest operating system also have access to the internet. am i supposed to install a second NIC on the host computer? or do i have to manually configure the virtual machine? i only see there is an option to let me change the network adapter's mac address. i have no idea how to add a working network adapter into the virtual machine so the guest o/s can connect to the internet, your help is appreciated!
    2009年4月14日 上午 05:29


  • Dear Customer,


    Based on my research, you may refer to the following steps:


    1. Use “Virtual Network Manager”, create a new External network. For example, set the name to “External Virtual Network”
    2. Open “Network Connections” under “Control Panel”.
    3. Here, you will see a new network adaptor with the name you set.
    4. Right click this network adaptor and select settings, then you need to re-configure the IP address of this new adaptor.
    5. Inside “Hyper-V Manager”, right click the project server and select “Properties”, you can set the VM use connect to this new “External Virtual Network”.
    6. Assign static IP address and DNS to virtual machine.

    For more information, you can refer to:
    Virtual Network Manager


    If you encounter any problem, we suggest to capture a screenshot and send to us for troubleshooting. Thanks.



    Tom Zhang

    Tom Zhang – MSFT
    2009年4月15日 上午 08:39