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  • I've encountered several errors from the forum when I try to view post, reply post, etc.  The error message is about the message that I want to view is no longer exists.  Is that due to the deletion of the TechEd 2008 feedback forum?  Thanks.


    Oh... I can see TechEd 2008 feedback forum appear again (but it will disappeared at sometime....).  It seems some potential issues appeared in the forum...

    2008年11月4日 下午 04:43


  • I encounter the same problem too.

    When I try to view and reply post, it always display an error message which is same as what Raymond describe above.[The post you trying to Reply cannot be found or no longer exists. The administrator or moderator may have deleted the post.]  and sometime it displays[
    We apologize, but an unknown error has occurred in the forums.

    This error has been logged.]

    (I need to submit my reply several time otherwise the reply will not appear ). And also, sometime the forum roll back to Sept 2008, All the post after sept disappear.
    2008年11月5日 上午 09:02
  • I wonder whether there are at least two databases for load balancing but the database content now are not in-sync... May I have forum admin to assist us in this issue because it's a bit annoying when I click to post a reply post, the forum returns an error that the post I am trying to reply to does not exist... I need to retype my post everytime after reloading the page....  Thanks.
    2008年11月5日 上午 10:19
  • Thanks for the feedback. I personally have never encountered the problem before but will surely keep an eye on this from now on.

    2008年11月7日 下午 03:38