Enquiry for User License permission of NAV 4.0 SP2 RRS feed

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    The issue about Navision allows more user than license permits


    Version: NAV 4.0 SP2

    SQL Server 2005


    Client Navision license permits 14 user

    In File à Database à Information

    Current Sessions: 16

    Licensed Sessions: 12


    The problem:

    At SQL Server:

    User A has got Server Role: "sysadmin"

    User B does not have Server Role: "sysadmin"

    User A cannot log onto database: message that license does not allow more user

    User B can log onto database - even if there have already more user than allowed accessed the database.

    And user B works with customer license.


    May I know the reason about this issue?


    2011年6月1日 上午 09:39