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    The problem happens in both documents in 2003 and 2007 format,when I try to modify an equation in word 2007(english version).

    When i double click on the equation, the system told me at once "Microsoft Equation Editor has stopped working".

    And i am using Traditional Chinese for non-unicode program. I am able to edit equation in other language for non-niocode. But I cant read chinese in other program once i changed it.

    I also tried to reinstall the word, but it does not help.....


    what can i do to solve this problem? thanks alot

    2008年10月20日 下午 01:48


  • It is because Office 2003 using different coding with Windows 2007. I am afraid that it will not able to edit if you are using Word 2007 to edit a Office 2003 equation
    2009年3月28日 下午 01:44