Office 2007 Enterprise keeps crashing upon exit RRS feed

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    I have genuine English office 2007 enterprise installed on vista ultimate with all latest service packs on my HP computer. in recent months, i noticed that whenever i have a document opened and during closing of the document or the application, the office application will show an error dialog indicating it crashed and it may restart to lauch itself again.

    This behaviour is very annoying. I attempted to fix it after researching on the web and seem to manage to fix the problem by editing the registry for excel for a value about bluetooth. however other suites in office such as powerpoint, access all still keep crashing upon closing. I think i already tried resintalling but that time wasting move didn't seem to solve the problem. Can some expert post a complete fix to this? I'm very annoyed that genuine microsoft products are still so easy to misbehave, crash and have errors today!


    2008年10月19日 上午 05:35