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  • We have implemented organization browser and we have synchronized user profiles from two forests, let's say forest A and forest B.  Forest A is the parent of forest B.  Currently user from forest B cannot view users from forest A, even though the manager field in AD is set.  Could someone help to provide a solution as to how to implement such a requirement?  Thanks!
    2011年7月13日 上午 10:14


  • Hi,


    Please be more specific about the two forests. For example, do they have one-way or two-way trust?


    By default, People Picker will only return users, groups, and claims from the domain on which SharePoint Server 2010 is installed. If you want People Picker to return query results from more than one forest or domain, you must either have a two-way trust between the forests or domains, or you must configure People Picker to use an encrypted account and password for a one-way trust between forests and domains. For more information about trusts, see Managing Trusts (


    For more information about people picker in multiple forests, check out the following article:


    People Picker overview (SharePoint Server 2010)



    Rock Wang

    Regards, Rock Wang Microsoft Online Community Support
    2011年7月15日 上午 08:52
  • Hi, what is the relationship between the Manager field and forest? I agree with Rock that it's something related to the Trust direction of the forests so can you check?

    Do you mean the Manager field of UserX in ForestB is pointing to a UserY of ForestA?



    2011年7月18日 上午 03:36