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  • Hi

    I am wondering if there anyway that I could just backup the database structure/schema/stored procedure/view/table? without backing up the data?

    Thanks in advance.

    2008年9月30日 下午 03:04



  • Generate script for the database.


    2008年10月1日 下午 03:46
  • Hi Rmiao,

    Thanks for your suggestion, Is there any way that I can do it automatically? E.g. set a schedule to do it? SO that I do not need to Generate script manually all the time.

    Thanks a lot.
    2008年10月1日 下午 08:09
  • Hi,

    Maybe you can write a programme to do this. Here's one FYI:


    2008年10月2日 上午 06:30
  • Hi Allen

    Thanks very much for your help, The URL you provided above very useful.

    Do you have the script that I can use to Generate Database script? because what I need is just a Generate Script into a txt or any file, so that when I need it I can just open the file and select the stored procedure, user define function that I want and load it back to the database.

    Otherwise, I may need to spend quite a long time to understand how that "SQL_Server_backup" application work and modify the code.

    I tried to read through the code briefly, unfortunately, it does not looks simple.

    Thanks a lot.
    2008年10月2日 上午 08:59
  • You can generate script with scptxfr.exe, it's sql2k tool but works for sql2k5. I use it on my sql2k5 servers.
    2008年10月2日 下午 06:08
  • Hi Rmiao,

    Thanks very much for your information, I am quite dumb, I am not quite sure how to apply it so that I can get a backup structure every day? Do I need to write a batch file or something?

    I would be grateful if you could give me some sample code.

    Thanks a lot.
    2008年10月3日 下午 12:01
  • You can just run it in sql job, get syntax with 'scptxfr.exe /?' in dos prompt.

    2008年10月3日 下午 05:45
  • HI Rmiao,

    Thanks very much for your help, I will try it out Next week

    Thanks a lot = )
    2008年10月3日 下午 07:28