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  • I do not save many things to my computer that requires backup.   I am always yellow because I have backup turned off.  And I keep getting the Nag Balloon when I don't do it.     How do I delete this nag so that I have the choice to set my preferences for 1-care without 1-care becoming the Nazi leader?     I feel if I pay for a program, I should be able to decide how I need it to work in my particular case.   Everyones needs are not the same.    I dislike 1-care not allowing me the freedom to make my own  choices.    

    Also Tune up insists that I do it on 1-care's terms.   Well, other than the antivirus program, I don't use the backup.  I use other programs that I find more effective for clean up, defrag (and I do it weekly), anti-malware, anti-spyware.    I should have the ability to adjust 1-care to suit my needs not what it thinks and insists I do.    

    I will be coming up for renewal in about 2 months and will not renew this time because of this.     I have tried turning off what I don't use.    And, I am very diligent with my other programs other than the anti-virus.    My graphics is saved to another external drive as I work.   But one care is making decisions for my usage.    Is there anything I can do to set this program to work for my particular needs?
    2010年2月24日 下午 05:40


  • If One Care is asking for backups, backup is not turned off. To turn backup off open One Care>Change Settings>Backup>Configure Backup, uncheck "Turn on backup on this PC". This should return your status to Good. One Care does not have many configuration options and may not really be suitable for you since you already have backup, cleanup, and defrag tools in use. Microsoft Security Essentials, which provides complete malware protection and is free might be a better choice for the way you use your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials - http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

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    2010年2月25日 上午 12:30