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  • I would like to ask how to use "remote desktop" to access to the console session of Windows 2003 server.


    I have tried the command "mstsc /console" but it seems that it is still a separate session because I have an application running at Startup menu.  If I use Netmeeting to connect to it, I can see the application is running already.  But when I access via "mstsc /console", the application is started up again.


    Any advice?


    - annie

    2008年7月29日 上午 11:08


  • Hi Annie

    Not sure if the article below would help.
    it mentions:

    If you need to connect to the server console session remotely (for example, to access applications that direct only their user interface to the console), either use the Remote Desktops snap-in management tool or use Remote Desktop Connection from the command line. When you attempt to connect to the console session, whether remotely or locally, you will be notified if there is already another user connected to the console session. The notification message will be shown after your logon credentials are validated, and will include information about the user who is logged on to the console session, including user name, location of logon (local or remote), and the state of the session (in use, locked, or idle).


    Good luck
    2008年7月29日 下午 12:00
  • Hi,


    Unfortunately, it does not work as it is exactly the same what I have done before.


    - annie


    2008年7月31日 上午 10:08
  • Dear Customer,


    Thanks for your post.


    Based on my knowledge, running Remote Desktop using the "mstsc /console" option does give us the full control over the console.  Theoretically speaking, all these remote control software are similar.  I have not seen any difference with the features between the Remote Desktop console connection and other remote control software.


    Console is defined as the keyboard, mouse, and video monitor of the computer running Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 with Remote Desktop enabled.  I think the only difference is that when you enable a Remote Desktop console session, the remote console "locks down" (disables display of the session on the remote computer's monitor and disables input via the remote computer's keyboard and mouse).


    Regarding the product which you will use remotely, I would suggest testing it on your side with the Remote Desktop to see whether it is able to work with Remote Desktop console session.


    Hope the above information helps.  If anything is unclear or you have any concerns, please feel free to post back.  I am glad to be of assistance.


    Have a nice day!



    Tom Zhang

    2008年8月1日 上午 05:33
  • Dear Mr. Zhang,

    Thanks for your post.

    As mentioned in my first post, I have an application placed at Windows Startup menu.  When my application starts up, I need to press a "start" button manually.  Once this "start" button is pressed, it will continue to execute unless the application is being killed.

    What I need to do is to check the status of my application remotely to see if it is still in execution state every day.

    So, it turns out to have 2 Microsoft solutions:
    - Remote Desktop
    - Netmeeting

    If I use Netmeeting to connect to this computer (with OS: Windows 2003 server), I can see my application executing already (which is normal).

    If I use Remote Desktop (regardless of the option /console is inputted) to connect to this computer, I can see my application is in "start up" state only, i.e. awaiting someone to press the "start" button (which is an incorrect status).

    I made some studies about Remote Desktop of Windows server OS.  It said normally, for remote desktop, a separate session will be given.  So I can understand why if I don't input any option, remote desktop provides me a new login session.  That's why my application is in the "start up" state only.  But what I could not understand is that when the option "/console" is inputted, the result is still the same (i.e.
    my application is still in the "start up" state).

    Is there any option for Remote Desktop such that it works the same way as Netmeeting or RealVNC (a 3rd party remote connection software)?

    - annie

    2008年8月2日 上午 10:23
  • From the research I've been doing on a similar problem I found that if I used Remote Desktop in XP Pack 3 the /console has been replaced by /admin.  So far I have not found a way to use tsmmc.msc in the admin role.


    I'll try Netmeeting and see if that my help my problem.





    2008年8月13日 下午 08:48
  • Awesome! If you only knew for how long I've been looking to solve the problem with not being able to connect to an already existent session on winxp, win2k3 et al... I've tried with both -console and /console, creating and recreating rdp-shortcuts and whatnot.

    I don't recall seeing anywhere that MS made this little change to RDP, replacing /console with /admin...

    DonL1963, I thank you a lot!
    2008年8月16日 下午 02:15