Windows Mobile 6.1 WITH EXCHANGE 2007 SYNC. 郵件留在outbox 不停send 出 RRS feed

  • 問題

  • 本人用 exchange 2007,

    syn iphone 沒有問題
    但用 htc windows mobile 6.1 sync 時有以下情況
    1.sync 時 blank screen
    2.send 出的email 留在outbox 不停repeat send 出, send 出後我email 不回自動去send item

    網上曾有人問microsoft , 最終都沒有解決方法, 可以幫忙嗎
    2009年5月19日 上午 07:41



  • 您好!

    您可以嘗試重建手機與Exchange 服務器的同步關系,然後檢查結果如何。




    Rock Wang 望正茂

    Rock Wang– MSFT
    2009年5月19日 上午 08:32
  • 沒關係了..wm6.0 無問題, iphone syn 無問題, 只有wm 6.1
    是microsoft 問題, 找到個patch 可是只有英文

    wm6.1 也有這patch 可是只有英文..我的問題解決不到..

    最後找到以下可試試...但不太明怎add buttonboy rule

    You may have read my post about the ongoing SMTP issues within Windows Mobile 6.1. We're still waiting for the official fix from Microsoft which we expect to come in the form of a CAB file that you'll need to install.

    However, today once of the talented guys over XDA-Developers came up with the following fix that seems to work:

    1. Add the reg key “Operator” to \\HKLM\System\Inbox\Settings
    2. Add the reg key "OutgoingServer" below Operator key.
    3. Add the reg val (reg_str) "OutgoingServer" below Operator key- “ButtonBoy rules”
    4. Soft reset

    2009年5月19日 上午 08:36
  • 您好!




    http://www.microsoft.com/worldwide/phone/contact.aspx?country=Hong Kong

    Rock Wang 望正茂

    Rock Wang– MSFT
    2009年5月22日 上午 09:08
  • 這裡的MICROSOFT 幫不到嗎..???

    很多人用 WINDOWS MOBILE 6.1 跟EXCHANGE 2007。

    2009年5月22日 上午 10:18
  • Hi,

    Please understand that hotfixes are generally available for specific issues in the Product. The individual sending of hotfixes must be tracked by Microsoft for reasons such as: you may run into problems after installing the fix, when future updates to the hotfix occur we want to be able to notify you. For these reasons and others, many hotfixes are only available to customers if they call into the appropriate Microsoft Support phone line, and receive direct help and advice from a Microsoft support professional. We are not equipped to send out and track hotfixes here in the Newsgroups forum.
     If you prefer, you could contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) directly to obtain the fix. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) phone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
    NOTE: Support calls for hotfix are free. Please do not worry. Even in some cases, contacting phone support may be a charged. However, if you are simply requesting a hotfix be sent to you and no other support then charges are usually refunded or waived.


    Rock Wang

    Rock Wang– MSFT
    2009年5月25日 上午 02:03