Can the WSS 3.0 internal database and MSSQL 2005 express in same computer ? RRS feed

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  • Hello

    We are using Windows server 2003 R2 and installed MSSQL 2005 express. Now, we want install WSS 3.0 in same computer, can those two database install on same computer?

    Thanks !

    2010年5月17日 上午 10:12



  • Hi Wilson,

    Do you think you can use your MSSQL 2005 as WSS3.0's database.

    from the post below. It said the database embedded with WSS3.0 is a copy of SQl2005 Express too.


    If possible I would suggest you to  try to use the already installed MSSQL2005 express which you can be choose during installing process.

    Please forgive me if my concept is wrong or I mis-understood your issue.

    2010年5月17日 上午 11:20
  • Hello

    We must use the WSS 3.0 basic installation, I can't choose any database during basic installation.

    I tested them on testing server and I can see both of SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) service and SQL Server 2005 Embedded Edition (MICROSOFT ##SSEE) are running. If their services are running, is it mean they can install on same computer?


    Thanks !

    2010年5月17日 下午 12:04
  • Hi,

    I guess as it works on your test environment, it should work in your production environment too.

    Good luck

    2010年5月17日 下午 12:42
  • Hi

    ok, I will install WSS 3.0 on production environment.


    Thanks !

    2010年5月18日 上午 01:03