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  • Hi. Windows 10 spotlight only show me a mountain with a lake, it won't change. In my other account, windows 10 spotlight can show the picture, not the mountain one. I tried the solution from the internet, like powershell, and delete files and settings in "Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy" folder, but it won't change anything, still a mountain one.

    Can anyone can help me?

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  • I Suggest you to use the latest launched Windows 11.
    2021年12月5日 上午 11:25
  • Yea, you're right window 11 is a dezired operating system for present time, Window 11 comes with some extra features and UI. You can also try to fix your spotlight problem.
    2021年12月7日 上午 07:46
  • Please update to newest version, it will be better than more, and resolve all your trouble.
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  • Instead of using this why you don't you try windows 11
    2022年1月3日 上午 07:18
  • I think you should go for windows 11
    2022年1月8日 上午 09:15
  • Navigate to Personalization. Click on the Lock screen option. Locate the Background option. Change the settings and select Picture or Slideshow instead.

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    2022年1月27日 下午 01:38
  • Read

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    2022年2月21日 下午 08:48
  • Try Windows 11 and the problem should be solved
    2022年2月22日 上午 10:17
  • Where can I find the Windows Spotlight pictures?
    2022年3月1日 下午 12:07
  • I think, This is the right answer.
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  • I agree with what's being said here. Upgrading to Windows 11 should sort out this problem for you. Spotlight on Windows 11 is essentially an improved version of its Windows 10 counterpart. They both download pictures from Bing daily and change your lockscreen whenever it is activated. But Windows 11 is better in my opinion. It can change the background on your desktop and is just, overall, a more robust program. It seems like the original poster tried all the Internet solutions. If you don't want to upgrade to Windows 11, fully update your Windows 10 devices and see if that works.
    2022年6月2日 上午 01:20
  • Just popping in here to add my contribution. Sometimes, I find that the best solution is often the most simple one. If anybody comes across here and is having a similar issue, always check your Internet connection. Don't forget, Windows Spotlight takes pictures from the web and displays them on your device. It can't do this if it doesn't have data or a solid connection. No matter what Windows 10 device you're using, look for your WIFI connection. Make sure your device is fully connected to it. You can always try turning it off and on to kickstart Spotlight.  
    2022年6月2日 上午 01:39
  • You should update windows 11. Windows 11 has many new features and is preferred by more users

    2022年6月3日 上午 03:25
  • you should go for windows 11
    2022年6月4日 下午 02:09
  • I suggest you check for updates
    2022年6月4日 下午 11:08
  • My 2 cents: upgrade to Windows 11. I know a lot of responses here have been saying that, but I do think your best bet for success is having the most up-to-date software. It's a huge upgrade over Windows 10 and I'm sure you'll notice that a lot of the issues you're having with Spotlight are fixed. I'd also try Amanda's suggestion and make sure your internet connection is locked in, bug free and is performing at the top of its game. That's the main reason I can think of for why your Spotlight isn't working. Best of luck Kitchannel. 
    2022年6月6日 上午 04:06