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  • Hello, All.

    This is a little off the subject, but not really... Its TOTALLY Visual Studio/Basic related!!!

    Since beginning programming with the Visual Studio Express Series, I cant get enough! I am spending hours upon hours in front of my pc programming, and my lower and upper back, as well as my elbows are killing me!  Can anyone suggest to me the ultimate chair for programmers?  I have gone through 2 chairs already that were supposed to be ergonomic, but they dont really work like I need them to.

    Is there a chair of choice for programmers?!?!?  What chairs are used at Microsoft's Headquarters?


    2006年9月22日 下午 05:32


  • At MS we have stock issued chairs. At home, I use the Herman Miller "Aeron" chair; I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
    2006年9月22日 下午 06:25


  • At MS we have stock issued chairs. At home, I use the Herman Miller "Aeron" chair; I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
    2006年9月22日 下午 06:25
  • I found the chairs we use at the MS UK office pretty nice and comfortable but would imagine very pricey

    the chair that Timothy described (and with a quick google) showed that it is pretty much that chair! They are really comfortable and I'd agree, would never trade with anything else.

    I've also slept in one of them a couple of times

    2006年9月22日 下午 06:36
  • It's probably not your chair, it's your posture.  Sit up straight in your chair.  Now look at your monitor.  Are you tipping your head down to look at it?  The imaginary line from your eye to a point about 2/3rds up the screen should be horizontal, not on a downward or upward slant.  If you're not looking "heads up", you're putting a lot of strain on your neck.  Think of your head as a bowling ball that you're trying to balance at the top of your spine.

    Still sitting straight in your chair?  Our tendency is to lean forward to see the monitor better, but that puts the strain of supporting your upper torso on your lower back.  Push your shoulder blades into the back cushion of the chair.  That makes your lower lumbar (hips to bottom of rib cage) curve toward your navel, which is most desirable.  It also makes the chair help support your upper torso.

    Do you have a keyboard drawer, or are your keyboard and mouse sitting on the desk?  If you're reaching for them, that also puts stresses on your body.  Push away from the desk and put your hands down in your lap.  Your keyboard should be directly above and a little forward of your hands while at rest.

    Still sitting straight?  Chances are you're relaxing into a slouch.  Don't support yourself on your elbows, either.  Use the core muscles in your abdomen to keep your spine aligned and straight.  Not boot camp straight, just not slouched.  Feet should be flat on the floor and the chair should be low enough that your thighs at the knee end of your femur are slightly off the seat.

    It'll take a couple of days, but if you improve your posture, youl'll get very picky about how you sit from now on...

    good luck...

    2006年9月22日 下午 06:39
  • Thanks!

    The Herman Miller "Aeron" chair has been added to my Xmas wishlist .

    2006年9月23日 下午 06:45
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