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  • Current installation

    - Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

    - SQL 2008 Enterprise

    - Active-passive cluster with two nodes

    - The two nodes share storage from Sun StorageTek ST6140 SAN device

    - Both servers use dual-port fibre channel controllers running multi-path I/O.

    - An SQL instance is  installed and the database is put in the SAN disk (drive M:).


    - Some volumes created on the ST6140 disk has problem and the whole array needs to be recreated (This is Sun's problem.). Unluckily, the SQL instance installed is in this array.

    - This requires the deletion of existing disk assignment  used by SQL 2008 as the whole array needs to be destroyed.

    - Another loaned ST6140 is available for use. Expected solution is to move everything in M: drive to the loaned ST6140, then recreate M: drive, then copy back.


    - Drive M: is one of the cluster resources share by both nodes.

    - I don't know if a copy command or drag-and-drop action in Windows Explorer will move everything in and out of M: drive.

    Do anybody know the correct procedure for this kind of operation?

    Thanks in advance.


    Joseph Liu
    2009年5月8日 上午 01:39


  • You try this:
    1. stop sql and cluster services.
    2. copy all folders on m:\ to another san.
    3. disconnect from current san, link to new san and make it m:\.
    4. start cluster and sql services.


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    2009年5月8日 下午 04:55