Windows Phone 7.5 MAIL APP IMAP issue RRS feed

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  • dear all

    I am using windows phone 7.5 built in email program with our imap server. when it connects to imap server it shows no message at all or shows a normal mail listing if the server returns FETCH result using INTERNALDATE format like the following:

    1. INTERNALDATE "Sat, 12 May 2012 11:56:21 +0800"
    2. INTERNALDATE "12-May-2012 11:56:21 +0800"

    From what I can understand is that Windows phone accepts only one of the above formats, however iOS supports both, I hope someone here is interested in this issue.

    We test windows phone with Evo Mail Server (no english content at this moment.)

    2012年7月13日 上午 04:43