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  • Hi everyone, I get the following problem:

    I have 2 sites, production site and backup site. The config of backup site is the same as production site, except the server name which is different. In the SSIS package, I use "localhost" to connect to the SQL server, instead of the SQL server instance name (which is different between 2 sites), so that the source in these two sites are the same. I found it does not work in clustered environment, with 2 servers in each site, and setup cluster for SQL server.

    My question is, is there any way to connect to the clustered SQL server with "localhost" as server name? If not, is there any way to connect to SQL server, so that I don't need to connect with the SQL server instance name? Thanks.

    2010年7月12日 上午 07:28


  • Localhost works for local default instance only, have to use sql instance name to connect to remote named instance. To connect to default instance on cluster, you can use virtual sql name created in the cluster.
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    2010年7月12日 下午 02:06