IIS session timed out when processing RRS feed

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  • Hi,


    We have an ASP.NET 2.0 application deployed on production environment and use session to store up several essential data. But we are facing a problem which in some case, the session is timeout even the transaction time is within 5 mins. We have checked all the configuration setting under IIS and session timeout it is 30 min.


    The page scope of the page is let public user the input personal data and submit to payment gateway. After that, the page will be redirect to our server again, the flow as following


          1. Input data in forms

          2. Set session on IIS

          3. Using https post method to pass data to cardcenter

          4. Redirect to cardcenter page (another webserver) for payment (https).

          5. Back to our server page with in 3-5 min (https page).

          6. Session time out occurred( sometimes ). we found a new session id has been created.


    We don't know why the session id is renewed but it only sometime occurred


    It is true that o ur System Architecture  is not only use single IIS. It uses apache as web server and IIS as .net application server


    Apache2.2 as webserver (server1) --> IIS 6.0 (server 2) --> DB server MS SQL 2003


       Apache url write config:

             ServerName test.demo.com
             DocumentRoot "C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/"
             ProxyPass /en/ http://localhost:8083/en/
             ProxyPass /tc/ http://localhost:8083/tc/
             ProxyPass /sc/ http://localhost:8083/sc/
             ProxyPass / http://test.demo.com/


    Between Apache and IIS request transmission, we use default apache connector


    Set Session code:

           Session.Add(formToken, ranNumber);


    Please help.

    2010年10月22日 下午 02:21