Tracking Tab Missing RRS feed

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  • Hi all,


    My pc is hardware upgraded recently. However, the OS and Office is the same version which is Windows XP and Office 2003. I find the tracking tab is missing in my new sent items when I request a Read or Delivery Recipt. I can see the "i" (should be means information)from that sent item but there is no information and tracking tab is missing. The older sent items can be still found the tracking tab. Also, I checked the "Process requests and responses on arrival" and "Process receipts on arrival" has been selected from Tracking options. Anyone has idea?


    Thank you



    I have more finding:


    I checked my old pc the tracking tab can be shown, but the new pc still no tracking tab. Until I restart Outlook in the new pc and the tab can be shown.  

    2008年8月25日 上午 07:50