ms video control (msvidctl) to implement digital tv (dmb-th) with in Visual Basic RRS feed

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  • I am developing a software with VB6 (WinXP SP2, DirectX 9.0c) and using ms 
    video control (msvidctl) to implement digital tv (dmb-th) watching feature, 
    but we can't get it work. Code can be run successfully without any error / 
    warning, but just a black screen with no video and no sound. 
    Below is the code, is there anything I am missing? 

    Option Explicit 

    Private Const clsBDATuners = "{71985F4B-1CA1-11d3-9CC8-00C04F7971E0}" 

    Dim mobjTSContainer As New SystemTuningSpaces 
    Dim objTuningspace As DVBTuningSpace 
    Dim objTuneRequest As IDVBTuneRequest 
    Dim Locator As New DVBTLocator 

    Private Sub Form_Load() 

    Set objTuningspace = mobjTSContainer("DVB-T") 

    Set objTuneRequest = objTuningspace.CreateTuneRequest 

    With Locator 
    .Bandwidth = 8 
    .CarrierFrequency = 586000 
    .Modulation = BDA_MOD_64QAM 

    End With 

    With objTuneRequest 
    .Locator = Locator 
    .ONID = 32766 
    .TSID = 1 
    .SID = 82 ' TVB J2 
    End With 

    With Me.MSVidCtl1 

    .InputActive = Me.MSVidCtl1.InputsAvailable(clsBDATuners).Item(0) 

    .View objTuneRequest 

    End With 

    End Sub 

    Thx & Rgds, 
    2009年11月11日 上午 07:26