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    而家有d 咁o既 configuration:
    web server (web services hosted)
    SQL server 2005 std

    - 會有 d hardware device (估計1000個) 定期會回傳d data 返黎會經 web service 寫落 database)
    - 會有大約 10 個 user 用 client application 連到 web server 去存取資料
    - database 裡邊只手動增加了一個user (SA 級), 而所有的 web service 是用這個 user 來存取 database

    - 那些 hardware device (1000個)要不要霸佔 license? 因為它們並不會直接存取 database.
    - 那些 user 要不要霸佔 license?

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    2009年4月6日 上午 04:18



  • Hi, provided this ENG version just in case you don't understand Chinese characters.

    Given the following scenario:

    System Configuration:

    Web server (web services hosted on it)
    SQL Server 2005 std

    - There are about 1000 hardware devices that will transmit health status back to the webserver on a regular basis, and through the web services hosted on web server, it will update the database accordingly.

    - There are around 10 users which will use a client application that connects to web server to have access to the system's functionalities.

    - In database server, there is only one user which is manually added, let say app_admin which is an SA and all the web services use this user to access database

    Here comes my question:

    - Do I need CALs (client access license) for the 1000 devices? I'm asking this because theoretically it's always the  'app_admin' user retrieves / updates the database
    - Do I need CALs the users who use the client application?

    2009年4月6日 上午 04:38
  • I believe you need per processor license in this case.
    2009年4月6日 下午 02:57
  • The answer is yes, you need both the 1010 CAL.

    This is the multiplexing scenario.
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    2009年4月7日 上午 01:55
  • The answer is yes, you need both the 1010 CAL.

    This is the multiplexing scenario.

    Thanks all for the answers.

    Or maybe let me simply put it in this way.

    If I am going to host a web site which uses SQL server 2005/2008 as backend database server,

    - Web server (IIS). This is the front-end web server provides 1 web service which will have access to the database server , which allows access from all over the world

    - Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Standard Edition

    Is the 'per processor' the only license option for me? (Given that I will not know how many ppl will visit it)

    2009年4月7日 上午 04:57
  • Need per processor license if sql is used as backend of web service as I know. By the way, 1010 cals may much expensive than per processor license.
    2009年4月7日 下午 01:26