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  • We purpose the encryption can be encrypt the hold database in SQL Server 2005, not data level.
    e.g.: The database is backuped in a file Test.bak, then Test.bak can be restore in other SQL Server.
    But user browse the data in SQL Server is in encrypted code, except the user can be decrypt the database. 

    How to configure encryption in SQL Server 2005? Any detail steps?
    2009年2月25日 上午 03:10


  • I am sorry to tell you that the out-of-the-box encryption feature in SQL Server 2005 is data level.  If you prefer database level encryption, you have to use SQL Server 2008.
    • 已提議為解答 KeFang Chen 2009年3月3日 上午 09:14
    2009年2月25日 下午 04:20