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    在下於Excel 中遇見以下問題

    在File Server 中的Share folder 裡建立一個Excel 檔案(Microsoft Office 2007), 並於Excel 檔案中的Share workbook 設定了"Allow changes by more than one user at the same time." 並設定了該Excel 檔案的Security Permission 中的user 和administrator 都有Full Control 的權限

    近來發覺當我一打開這個Excel 檔案, Excel 就會出現以下這個訊息:
    "The error is "Unexpected file lock by "user 的名字".  You can override the
    file lock or continue without doing so.  If you continue without overriding
    the lock, you will not be able to save this file but you can use File Save As
    to save your work to a diferent file.  Do you want to override this lock?"

    我嘗試override 這個file lock, 可是我再儲存檔案時卻一定要我儲存至另一個新檔案, 打開share workbook 也發現excel 一直紀錄著之前開過這個檔案的user 名字, 而我是肯定該位user 並沒有正在開啟那個檔案

    在Folder 裡找不到任何該Excel 檔案的tmp file, 我亦無法刪除該檔案, 重新儲存另一個新檔案問題還是存在


    2009年4月22日 上午 02:32


  • Hi Erik,

    Since you're posting to the MOSS forum, so may I ask are you storing the Excel file on SharePoint server and see this problem? Can you check the "Check out file" when opening file setting in your document library?

    2009年5月28日 下午 03:13
  • On the server, right-click on My Computer, then select Manage, expand Shared Folders, and click on Open Files. There you'll see a list of files on the server that are currently opened by other computers on your network. That'll tell you the User who has the file open. You'll need to then click on Sessions to see what computer(s) that user is connecting from.
    And you can choose "close open file". Works like a charm
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    2009年6月2日 上午 06:48