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  • What kind of problem did you get?


    2008年9月1日 下午 10:21

    Performance Counter Problem.


    When running the SQL server 2008 Express Installation program,

    System Configuration Checker => Performance counter registry hive consistency (Failed)
    2008年9月3日 下午 02:15
  • I have rebuilt the performance counter manually. However, the problem did not solve. I might due to the traditional chinese... Do you install SQL Server 2008 Express to Vista Home Premium (Traditional Chinese)? Do you have the same problem....




    2008年9月7日 上午 04:40
  • Hi Ivy

    I have install SQL Server 2008 Express Edition with Advanced Service to my Windows Vista Home Premium (Chinese Traditional Edition) on my Laptop, I installed it by using SQL 2008 Enterprise Evaluation ISO and Select the express edition, because at that moment SQL 2008 Express has not been released yet. Do not know if it would make any different. But I do not think it is a problem that caused by the different languages.

    Is there anyway you can recovery your windows? May be you can recovery your windows and see if it works.

    I have found a post that may be able to help you.

    they said the problem is caused by
    Please refer that post and see if it resolves the issue.   The bottom line is that you need to rebuild the perfmon counter, correct the bad registry key hive, and then you can install SQL Server 2008.

    If the reference of post doesn’t resolve the problem, please use “regedit.exe” to export the following registry key hive to a file, and then post the file here.
    “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib”

    Once I get the file, I will try to rebuild the perfmon counter for you.
    The tool “regedit.exe” usually exports registry keys to files with extension “.reg”.   If you post the file, please rename it to the extension “.txt” so that it can reach to the forum.


    Hope this could help.

    Good Luck
    2008年9月7日 上午 09:32
  • I have tried that. The output of the function is 7C04. Then, I copy 009 setting to 7C04 (manually created). However, it did not work. However, My computer has 009 and 0404. Both have the different count and help at the end of the content . Is it a problem....



    2008年9月7日 下午 12:17
  • Hello Ivy,
    I think your problem could be caused by these reasons:
    1. Please recheck your hardware and software configurations to meet sql server 2008 requirments.
    2. Please update your vista to the newest version.

    I hope these pieces of advice can help you! ( :

    2008年9月8日 上午 05:02