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  • In our network, we have installed 1x2003R2 DC (operation master) and 2x2000 DC servers (including W2KDC2).  All of them are Global catalog.

    I want to demote a Win2000 server domain controller (named W2KDC2) to member server in our company.  This server had installed several network printers and shared to the users in the AD.

    I just want to know after I demote W2KDC2, can these shared printers still remain available to the users or I have to re-setup and re-map them to our users computer?

    I have tried to share these printers from another server.  However, some of them have operated abnormally, e.g., using wrong paper size,  printable margin shrinked or even printing wrong color.  Therefore, it will be very troublesome if I just share these network printers from another server.

    Can anyone help me to process in a more easy way?

    Thank you very much.
    2009年2月26日 上午 03:11



  • Dear Customer,


    I understand that you would like to know if there are any tools which can help to migrate printers from the old server to new server. If I have misunderstood, please feel free to let me know.


    Windows 2003 also has a migration tools which can meet your requirement. The tool can be found at the following link.




    The help file can be download from the following link.




    If you have further concerns, please feel free to let me know. It is my pleasure to be of assistance.




    Tom Zhang

    Tom Zhang – MSFT
    2009年2月26日 上午 09:38
  • Dear Tom,

    Thx for your reply.

    But I want to further confirm the following point:

    That means after I demote the win2000 server, I have to reconfig. these printers in W2KDC2 and re-map all users printer to point to the new shares?


    2009年2月26日 上午 10:46
  • Dear Tom,

    As I read "Microsoft Print Migrator 203.1.doc", I found that the print migrator would not copy any color profiles.  With reference to our case, we do have several color printers installed.  Same model with different color profiles, different color printer models.....

    We have come up a case that different users printing the same document in 2 same model printers, the color will be different.  We found out that it was because of the color profile setting in the server.  Therefore, if we migrate the printer without keeping the color profile, we have to do a lot of tuning works.

    Should we write down all the color profiles in the server before we start migrating our printers or there is a more simple to do?


    Fred Au

    2009年3月6日 上午 02:56
  • If you just demote the DC, all printer shared in this computer will still remain. You may not required to backup the printer setting using printer migrator.
    2009年3月22日 下午 03:05