Outlook Express 6.0 outbox RRS feed

  • 問題

  • When I send a message, it sends, but stays in the outbox instead of moving to sent items. this means that each time the mail is checked, it sends another copy.

    Kindly advise any utility program to solve the problem


    2009年6月12日 上午 08:58


  • Hi Andrew,

    Can you confirm the email has been sent out? Can you ask the person you sent to if s/he has receive the email you sent.
    What I think is if the mail stay in outbox, that mean they have not been sent out.
    Once the email is sent. It should moved to sent item.

    Could you try to press "send/receive" button to see if it will send off the email

    Please forgive me if my concept is wrong.

    Hope this can help.
    2009年6月12日 上午 10:38