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  • Hi,

    I am using SQL2000 Standard Edition, sometimes, i saw following error messages in the server log and the database (i.e. FAPro) will not able to start up/access, but i can access other databases on the same SQL Server instance.

    2011-01-22 15:15:17.34 spid52    udopen: 發生作業系統錯誤 32(程序無法存取檔案,因為檔案正由另一個程序使用。),當建立/開啟實體裝置 e:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\data\FAPro_Log.LDF 時。
    2011-01-22 15:15:17.34 spid52    FCB::Open failed: 無法開啟裝置 e:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\data\FAPro_Log.LDF,為虛擬裝置號碼 (VDN) 2 。
    2011-01-22 15:15:17.36 spid52    Attempting to rebuild primary log file for database FAPro.
    2011-01-22 15:15:17.36 spid52    FCB::CreateFile() failed with error 80 for file e:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\data\FAPro_log.LDF.

    I can fix it by restarting the SQL Service Instance, but i wanna to know the root cause and solve the problem.  Please help, thanks.

    2011年1月24日 上午 08:23


  • from the error message, it seems cannot connect the e drive or the LDF file.
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    2011年1月24日 上午 08:37
  • Do you have anti-virus app on the server? Did you exclude db files from scan list?
    2011年1月24日 下午 02:59
  • The server has an anti-virus software, but all db files are excluded from the scan list. Thanks.

    2011年1月25日 上午 01:51
  • Do you backup db files with windows backup tool?
    2011年1月25日 上午 02:43
  • We use SQL Server Agent to dump db into a file for backup purpose, and we won't backup the db data/log file directly. Thanks
    2011年1月26日 上午 02:36
  • how do u / what do u mean by 'dump db into a file' exactly?

    Confirm that...
    - File permissions are set correctly.
    - No other database is using the same files.
    - No other database on a different SQL instance is using the same files.


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    2011年3月18日 下午 12:55