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  • A couple days ago something changed on my computer while playing a game called Terraria.

    Now it crashes once it tries to save.

    I checked online and eventually came to the conclusion everything, including the save folder for the game Terria, under 'Documents' now keeps reverting back to 'Read Only'.

    So far I have tried everything on this website but nothing worked and now here I am.

    At the time I had the antivirus Norton installed and working but I believe that that was what caused the problem so I uninstalled it for now.

    If someone could help me with this I'd be very grateful.

    2021年11月22日 下午 10:26


  • Try right clicking on the folder, In the properties, have a look at Security, also check under advanced.

    try to find out what context is the program saving under, probaly system or your account,

    then see if you have that right, remember you might have some nestet deny rights.

    also are you on a work pc ? perhaps these rights settings have been set via gpo, og the folder is a redirect to a share somewhere.

    try running the folder from another location..

    Happy hollydays hope you get to enjoy your game.

    rg Allan

    2021年12月23日 上午 11:52
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  • It could be because of the mods. Mods might be not properly configured, they might conflict with the game and make it crash.
    2022年4月1日 下午 12:44
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