how to export the user list (as a report) for someone had mobie device that connected to the exchange 2007 server RRS feed



  • Dear,

    you can use the cmdlet "get-logonstatistics" to get the information can copy the result to the files.

    for instance:

    get-logonStatistics -database"db" | ft username, servername, ClientVersion, logonTime, lastAccessTime

    for detail refer :


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    2010年12月30日 上午 02:24
  • Thanks.... do you means "clientversion" can show what/how many moblie devices from the report. Once you setup client mail on moblie device (like iphone) , you may see one more option "moblie device" at the right exchange 2007 console panel for that user. i just want this as summary report for checking . thanks again


    2010年12月31日 上午 03:36
  • Dear tonycd,

    There is no cmdlet directly give the report you want, you may try my way and caculate the number.

    2011年1月7日 上午 03:17