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  • I have a problem with a new user I have created, I have set them up with a roaming profile and they can access it fine, but if i try to browse their profile or try to assign rights to it (for other users to access it) I get a "Access is denied" error message, the file size also shows 0kb

    I have tried taking ownership before as an admin but when I do that the profile doesn't load for them, usually says something like they don't have correct rights to load the roaming profile

    All I want is for the main user (who the profile belongs to) to be able to use it, and the domain admin account to have access to it so I can set permissions for other users
    2011年6月30日 上午 08:40


  • Dear Customer,

    Thank you for posting here!


    After reading your post, I still have a few questions not very clear. Please let me know some information as below:


    1. How many domain controllers are there in your domain?
    2. Is it a Windows Server 2003 domain or a Windows 2000 domain?
    Please capture a screenshot and send it to the me(v-tozhan@microsoft.com).


    I appreciate your time and cooperation. If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



    Tom Zhang

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    Tom Zhang – MSFT
    2011年7月6日 上午 09:22
  • 1) one domain controllers

    2)it is windows server 2008 R2

    3) it have not screenshot

    detil : a student logon windows xp and  auto creat a profile in server 2008R2 himself can full contor the profile , but i am domain cannot see anything it ( student prifile)  , i use domain admin want to full contor this profile


    2011年7月19日 上午 08:01
  • set user & domain admin account with full control right to the folder, don't change the ownership option, remember also set the right to the shared folder.

    Tony Li Chi Kit
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    2011年7月21日 上午 07:30
  • i will set user &  domain admin account with full control right to the folder,but cannot to see anything too.
    2011年8月8日 上午 06:57
  • here is the key you need to check out

    1. domain admin..have the full control in the profile's folder (both the share and server local folder.

    2. the related user have the full control in the profile's folder (both the share and server local folder.


    also check the folder option to view hidden file......(you say you cannot see anything, maybe related to it)

    better to capture screen for each setting page and detail

    Tony Li Chi Kit
    2011年8月8日 上午 07:08