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  • Dear Engineer,


      Just have one problem, I visit serveral site (need to login site) throught ISA Server 2000 with SP2, when I connect to this site using I.E., I can stay on the last user login screen, is it ISA Server 2000 Security Bug ??? the user can see all the information about the last login user...



    2008年5月9日 上午 02:19



    May i know what client you are configured to use and do you required user to authenticate upon connection?

    last but not least, have you tried to exclude caching for the URL that you are facing the problem?

    2008年5月14日 上午 08:18
  • First you need to know the machanism your website login.  Will it cache password for user in cookies?  Try logging in to various websites like MSN or Hotmail and see whether the problem persists.
    2008年5月21日 上午 02:36
  • If you enable ISA as a proxy, some of the credential may be cached and it will keeping to displayed. It is common such as some site have securities information.
    2009年3月28日 下午 01:35