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  • I have purchased & installed the MS SQL Server 2008, after restoring the DB from SQL Server 2000, and grant the tables permission to users, i found that there is no such convenient function as like as SQL 2000 (i.e. right click user name-->permission-->will show all the tables/objects--> then we can tick the table permissions very easily).

    But in MS SQL Server 2008, I only find such steps that it need to grant the permission one by one, i.e. right click the user name--> Securables-->Search-->Object Types-->Browse-->tick the Tables one by one -->OK-->then from the Securables Region, select the table --> tick the Permission --> select other table --> tick permission...repeat and repeat since there are many tables.

    If my steps are wrong, please correct me.

    Is there any other more user friendly way for granting table permission to user ?? I thinks that the operation of new version SQL 2008 should be better than the old version SQL 2000 at least, right ??


    2009年5月5日 上午 01:09



  • If users need read permission on all tables, just add them to db_datareader role.
    • 已標示為解答 KeFang Chen 2009年5月12日 上午 02:09
    2009年5月5日 上午 02:58
  • But not all tables should be read by the same user(s), differet user(s) has different access rights such as select/update/delete, etc. How do you think the interface of MS SQL 2008 for grating permission is convenient enough ?? and how do you think comparing with MS SQL 2000 ??
    2009年5月13日 上午 06:56
  • I don't think it's easy, but that's the way it works now until Microsoft changes it.
    2009年5月13日 下午 08:36
  • Have you any experience using MS SQL 2000 for granting table permissions before ?
    It is an awful dream imagine that you have thousands of tables to be managed, for such permission feature, yes, they change to a much more difficult way,  why? 

    why new version adopted such bad design which worse than the old version SQL you agree ?

    2009年5月14日 上午 01:17
  • I don't like the way in sql2k5/8, but still better than sql4 that's the version I started with. Support team is nothing to do the issue, it's development team's call. 
    2009年5月14日 上午 02:12
  • Any way, hope MICROSOFT consider our users' COMMENTS and CONCERNS of such GRANTING PERMMISON FEATURE OF SQL 2008 and get further improvement.

    but I am wonder would MICROSOFT see this site of forum...?
    2009年5月14日 上午 04:30
  • You can post this in their feedback site.
    2009年5月14日 下午 03:30
  • good idea, would you please tell me the Microsoft feedback site ?
    2009年5月15日 上午 02:54
  • i agree the interface is a bit horrible, but to solve your problem, using sql statements is the clever way. especially, if you have lots of table with different premission. Always, the interface is just for the beginner. They are not for doing advance jobs.
    2009年9月9日 上午 02:03