isa 2006 script "DisableLockdownOnLogFailure" script syntax error in line 108 RRS feed

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  • Our customer has a ISA server 2006 of Microsoft server 2003. However, this server sometimes will be down as follows. So, We need to apply the

    DisableLockdownOnLogFailure to solve this issue. When we tried to input this script, there was script syntax error in line 108. So, Could anyone know what is the problem ?


    Time : 12:08:24 AM
    Event ID : 14182
    The Firewall service was stopped gracefully.

    Time : 12:08:24 AM
    Event ID : 8
    The ISA Server Web filter failed to log information to MSDE Database ISALOG_20120813_WEB_000 in path C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\ISALogs. The MSDE Error description is: Timeout expired. The problem may be resolved by restarting the MSSQL$MSFW service.

    Leung Che Man

    2012年11月9日 上午 03:26