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  • I bought a HTC 3G phone in Mar 09 and worked well with ActiveSync since then until sometimes in July.  I encounted connection error but then I could no longer synchonize the contact list.  I tried many ways already.  Remove ActiveSync, delete the partnership; Reinstall and re-name the device ID and re-build the partnership.  None of these works.

    When the ActiveSync and phone is conntected, I can acces the access but just that the partnership are not re-built properly.  Please help.  Any suggstion.
    2009年9月23日 下午 03:21


  • Hi,

    It seems that there is something wrong with your phone. Because the system in your mobile is not developed by Microsoft. So we  know nothing about it. I think you'd better ask the producer or supplier for help. Thanks for your understanding.
    Microsoft Online Community Support
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    2009年9月24日 上午 02:46