Unable to install Visual Studio because of inability to write to folder WPF RRS feed

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  • Besides my personal gmail account for Windows, I have another organization account (University account). I was using my private account for my windows 10 and installed Visual Studio 2019 to install C++ desktop development, but failed with a dialogue saying I could not have permission to write to folder "...WPR...". The dialogue also show my organization account. It seems I am stuck to my university for the account which I had no write permission. In another previous pc, I had successfully installed VS (sevveral years before). I don't know what is the problem. So, please help!
    2021年11月8日 上午 05:39


  • i have same question too 
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  • Hello,
    2021年12月24日 上午 03:41
  • I am still waiting for an answer! 
    2021年12月27日 上午 04:39
  • No answer
    2022年2月22日 下午 01:46
  • Hi,

    I am arising with the same problem. If have any solution then please suggest.

    2022年2月24日 上午 08:56
  • Hi,

    I am arising with the same problem. If have any solution then please suggest.

    2022年3月18日 上午 06:35
  • I will be keen on more comparative points here for this.
    2022年3月26日 上午 07:00
  • i can not use that. Could you help me ?
    2022年4月5日 上午 09:01
  • me too..
    2022年4月7日 上午 08:47
  • Hi guys,

    For technical question in English please use Microsoft new forum:

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    2022年4月8日 上午 03:29
  • Sorry I don't have Any Answer more than previous I hope you found the solution
    2022年4月9日 下午 11:07
  • Where is the Visual Studio installer located?
    2022年4月16日 上午 07:47
  • I am also facing these issue
    2022年4月19日 上午 07:57
  • The worst kind of errors are those that occur during the installation process. Even if you haven't installed the application, you are still getting errors. Many people have complained about the error opening file for writing, which occurs when they try to install particular software.

    2022年4月20日 上午 11:17
  • Try this steps given below-

    Close the Visual Studio Installer

    Delete the Visual Studio Installer directory. Typically, the directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer.

    Run the Visual Studio Installer bootstrapper. You may find the bootstrapper in your Downloads folder with a file name that follows a vs_[Visual Studio edition]__*.exe 4. pattern. If you don't find that application, you can download the bootstrapper by going to the Visual Studio downloads page and clicking Download for your edition of Visual Studio. Run the executable to reset your installation metadata.

    Try to install or update Visual Studio again. 


    Ross Smith

    2022年8月10日 上午 09:32
  • Delete the installation then reinstall the setup program.

    I think 🤔 

    2022年8月14日 下午 01:17
  • A bad error is one that occurs during the installation process.You can still get error messages even if you haven't installed the application, error messages display
    2022年8月16日 上午 06:02
  • i have this problem too
    2022年8月17日 上午 08:06
  • Close the Visual Studio Installer.
    Delete the Visual Studio Installer installation directory. 
    Run the Visual Studio bootstrapper. 
    Try to install or update Visual Studio again.

    Hope This Works,

    2022年8月20日 上午 05:07
  • Fully uninstall the Visual Studio, and again install it with the latest version.

    You can use multi user,

    check the guide

    2022年9月5日 上午 05:57
  • thanks for the information
    2022年9月5日 上午 11:35