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  • Dear All,

    Outlook 2003 set word 2003 for default editor, after click reply any email, after 2~3 sec, the reply screen disappear. on the other hand, open a new word2003, also disappear after 2~3 sec. hope any expert can help to fix. thank a lot.

    2008年9月17日 上午 10:22


  • Hi Huck,

    Could you explain a bit more? I use Office OutLook 2003 and MS Office 2003 as well. When I reply message I think the MS Word will opened with in MS Outlook. so I cannot see if an MS Word will open as in separate instance. E.g. Another MS Word Icon on the task bar ...etc. Instead it just display an OutLook Email icon on the task bar.

    Have you try to use the repair function on Microsoft outlook? If not, on Microsoft Outlook could you try to click on
     Help --> Detect and Repair. see if it work properly after it get repaired? (I has not got the problem, so i have not try it before)

    Good luck.

    2008年9月17日 下午 12:36