How to get email with mobile phone from Exchange at SBS03 in a security way RRS feed

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  • Good afternoon, everybody!

    I have a question on how to get email with mobile phone from Exchange at SBS03 in a security way.

    I have ever set up Blackberry from CSL with her web site and Nokia mobile phone with 3 Moblie at the mobile phone itself.

    My environment is a SBS2003 domain.  In other words, Exchange is located at the same DC machine.  I have a hardware firewall between internet and the DC.

    Please help give me more ideas as below.

    1. Basically, from CSL machine to my Exchange, the access runs like OWA.  Is it that a clear text is transferred without any encryption in submitting the username and the password?

    2. I believe that it is the same case in Nokia mobile phone under 3 Moblie, isn't it?

    3. Can I say that there must be a security risk for moblie users to get email?

    4. What I can do is to have the strong anti-virus program at file level and at mailbox level.  Is there anything that I may do?

    Thank you for your help in advance!

    2010年7月21日 上午 09:08


  • per our limited knowedlage, both nokia, 3 & CSL mobile mobile email to sync with Exchange is using the exchange web access (OWA) to sync the email. it is using SSL to encryption. as i son't know the mobile carrier email server how to handle the email between your mobile & your Exchange. the risk may be cause by the mobile carrier mail connector server. Also, it is not direct push to sync email.

    For the security reason point of view, i would recommend using the windows mobiie activesync features (Direct push) to sync the email. the ssl connection is directly connect between mobile & your exchange enviroments.

    2010年7月30日 上午 04:31
  • Thank you for your reply.

    In this case, I need to use the mobile running Windows Mobile as the OS, isn't it?

    Do you have any idea on some modules?


    2010年8月19日 上午 07:40