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    I have been installed a MS Server 2008 and have 11GB Ram installed.  When I check "System Information" -> "System Summary", it show "Installed Physical Memory (RAM)" has 11GB but "Total Physical Memory" just has 3GB and "Avaliable Physical Memory" it show 10.2GB (look normal).  So what is the difference between "Installed Physical Memory" and "Total Physical Memory"?  And which information should be truthly avaliable used on the OS?


    2008年6月19日 上午 08:31



  • Hi AF - Van

    Could you let us know what Operating System do you use.

    If you are using 32bits Windows:
    Apparently 32bit OS can only recognize 3  GB of RAM. You need to have a 64bit OS in order to use all 11 GB of RAM.

    If you are using 64.bits Windows:
    You may need to go to BIOS to enable the memory remap feature.

    I have not try it before : (

    Please correct me if my concept is wrong.

    2008年6月19日 上午 09:15
  • You may need to enable memory remap in BIOS or use a 64-bits OS, FYI: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=929605




    2008年6月19日 上午 09:25

    I think you can reference this KB too:


    2008年6月19日 上午 10:43