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  • We have recently applied security on some of the users accessing information from our company's sort of central PC (i.e. not server) operating on Windows XP. We have set rules for the users such that they can only access, update certain files but cannot delete or extract the files out from the PC. However, upon limiting their rights we came across issue of unwanted temp files.


    Usually when one opens MS Office document one would also observe several ".tmp" files created at the same time but would be automatically be deleted once the document is closed.  Now when the user with limited rights access these files and update/save them, there are temp files created on the same location which to do not automatically get deleted. I would appreciate it if any one could suggest a method/procedure/solution to get rid of such files i.e. back to normal while retaining the abovementioned secruity function or advise how it is best to achieve the abovementioned security function.


    many thanks in advance!! 

    2008年10月10日 上午 07:44


  • Change the temp folder location for the application settings


    2008年10月28日 上午 08:11
  • Windows XP is not intended as a centralized file share for business operation.  So, as long as budget is allowed, change the share to a proper file server to get rid of unexpected behavior.


    BTW, one simply way for remedy this situation is creating a simple schedule job to delete all ".tmp" file in that folder.  Modifying on client side is not recommended since I don't know how many client PC you will have and that may potentially create administrative crisis.  Use XP scheduler on the file sharing machine, run under an account that has the delete permission, do "del /y *.tmp" on that folder, in a periodic basis, and everything's set.  Editing ".tmp" file is locked thus will not be affected.

    2009年1月14日 上午 02:38
  • set the users have modify files permission, they will able to delete the file then.
    2009年4月13日 下午 01:16