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    Could we online copy the transaction log file to difference location for exchange backup ?

    Let say we only have last night online backup (Veritas online agent backup) and real time transcation log copy, can we copy the backup log and then run the exchange online restore for the database.





    2008年9月3日 上午 10:23


  • Dear customer:


    Because Exchange Server is transaction-based, avoid performing a file-level or offline backup of the database files on disk. The best way to ensure that you are preserving all data in the system, including transactions that have not yet been flushed to disk, is to perform regular online backups.


    Online backup enables you to back up Exchange Server databases to your backup medium without shutting down the server. When Exchange Server is performing an online backup, all services, including the information store, continue to run normally. Pages continue to be updated in memory and transferred to the database files on disk, transactions are recorded in the log files, and the checkpoint file continues to move along.


    Exchange uses a .pat (patch) file that keeps track of updated pages while the backup software is running, to make sure that pages that are modified during backup are also backed up. There are two .pat files, Priv.pat for the private information store and Pub.pat for the public information store.


    When you perform an online backup, regularly check the application log in Event Viewer to make sure that backups are completing successfully.


    So we don’t suggest that you restore Exchange database via file copy method. That maybe causes data loss or database file corruption.


    For more information about How Exchange Online Backups Work in Exchange Server 2003, please refer to the following documents:

    How Exchange Online Backups Work in Exchange Server 2003



    Hope it helps. If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know.


    Rock Wang - MSFT


    2008年9月3日 下午 01:52