How to update the record using lookup RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am new to MS CRM. I have a task to update a contact record when account record getting updated. There is a relation ship between account and contact. I need to fulfill this task using sdk.

    Please help me how to proceed on this.


    Kumar R

    2012年12月26日 上午 10:45



  • Hi Kumar,

    You can fire a plugin on update of the account record which will update the contact record.

    You can get the id of the contact record(Primary Contact attribute) from the context/image of the account record(better to use a post image).

    The following is the way by which you can create and register a plugin


    And here is the link to use post images in plugins


    Thank you, DT

    2012年12月26日 上午 11:01
  • Hi Kumar,

    You can achieve this by writing a plugin which will fire on the update of the fields of Account and will update the associated contacts.

    Following links will help you

    Updating associated contacts from account entity, plugin, crm 2011

    Plugin to update children records when parent record is updated

    Hope this helps,



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    2012年12月26日 上午 11:06
  • Hi 

    You can achieve this using javascript function on the OnChange event of the specified Account field.

    You can simply use REST service to retrieve the information of the Account record in that function and get the related contact ID.

    Again, Use REST operation to update the contact record with whatever changes you want.

    Good thing in this solution is that, it will be asynchronous.


    Regards Karan Mittal

    2012年12月27日 上午 08:39
  • Hi,

    check this,


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